Del Taco Has a Line of Churro-Scented Essential Oils Because ‘Wellness’ Is Everywhere

“Self-care!” cries taco chain

Del Taco is branching into Goop territory with a new “Craveable Sweets & Scents” aromatherapy set of essential oils available starting October 1, in honor of the taco chain’s new “mini churro dipper” milkshake. This isn’t the first time a fast-food brand has gotten into the scents game — KFC introduced a gravy-scented candle, Burger King a Whopper-scented perfume, White Castle a burger-scented candle — but unlike its predecessors, Del Taco is playing it safe and traditional with vanilla, chocolate, and churro scents. Where’s the taco-scented essential oil, you coward?? The savory-over-sweet types who want a room to reek of wet burrito plato deserve marketing gimmicks, too!

And in other news…

  • Employment for chefs continues to fall, but employment for cooks has grown to an all-time high, according to data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [Chef’s Pencil]
  • Another one of those “feel-good” stories that should be more of an indictment of wages and labor in the U.S.: A single mom who, for the past year, has been walking an hour to her job at KFC because she couldn’t afford transportation, was given a car by after her boss entered her in a company drawing. [CBS News]
  • Two executives of a now-defunct meat company pled guilty to selling $ 1 million worth of contaminated, uninspected beef to federal prisons. [New Food Economy]
  • The state of New York is suing Dunkin’ over a data breach that affected 20,000 customers. [Restaurant Business]
  • Excellent advice on letting your kid run around a restaurant: don’t do it! [Slate]
  • How fast food uses the idea of “choice” to serve unhealthy food. [Quartz]
  • I’m just going to guess this is the first T-shirt made out of milk. [Insider]
  • There is a mobile game in which all you do is peel fruit and it is called I Peel Good. [@tejalrao/Twitter]
  • Yes:

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