British Parliament dissolves to start campaign for election next month

Nov. 6 (UPI) — The election campaign for British lawmakers officially began Wednesday with Prime Minister Boris Johnson hoping to persuade the public he is the leader who can finish Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Parliament was dissolved just after midnight and Johnson met with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace to signal the formal start of the political run-up to the Dec. 12 election.

Johnson said he hopes the election will solidify the Conservative Party’s margin in Parliament, so they will approve his proposed exit plan by the end of January.

The prime minister compared Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to former Soviet Communist leader Joseph Stalin, saying he demonizes billionaires and hates job creators. He also accused Corbyn’s party of endorsing policies that will “hold the country back.”

Corbyn was also on the political stump Wednesday morning, saying he will hold the door open “for others to walk through because everyone has a contribution to make.”

“When I talk about real change, that isn’t something that will be done to you. It’s something that can only be done with you,” he said. “Because I will be a very different kind of prime minister. Not the kind of prime minister who believes he was born to rule. Not the kind who thinks politics is a game.”

Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said hers is the only party seriously addressing climate change, an issue that has led to roving protests throughout London this year.

Liberal Democratic Leader Jo Swinson pushed her party’s “stop Brexit” agenda, saying an EU exit would damage the nation.

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