2021 NFL Mock Draft: Jaguars, Redskins, Raiders and Bears land quarterbacks in top half of Round 1

The 2021 NFL Draft is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get into the 2021 mock draft discussion with my first look at next year’s class. In this mock, I have four teams grabbing new quarterbacks, and while three might not come as a surprise, Washington giving up on Dwayne Haskins after just two years might cause some people to scratch their heads.

However, if Washington does pick in the top two or three again this year, upgrading at the most important position in football has to be on the table. And if they are picking at No. 3, like we have in our projections below, that likely means Haskins failed to take a big step forward in 2020, which further opens the door for a change. After all, there was some conversation about whether they should take Tua Tagovailoa this year; the nay-sayers will only grow in volume if Washington endures another down year.

This is all dependent on the right quarterback being available to Washington; I’m not saying the team should zero in on taking the best quarterback available at all costs. If Washington picks slightly lower and misses out on Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, I’d likely come down on the side of moving forward with Haskins for one more year.

The draft order below was determined using SportsLine’s season win projections coming out of the 2020 NFL Draft, with considerations made to allow for the playoffs (i.e., one AFC and NFC team each in the last two picks). 

Let’s kick this off! 

NFL Mock Draft

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